I offer magazines and tool companies a range of skills and services, honed during my career as a how-to journalist: writing, editing, research, photography, project builds, tool tests, and video production, on both sides of the camera. Here's a sampling of the magazine work I've done since moving west.

My own bylines

I love research articles, which involve lots of interviews with experts. This one ran in Fine Homebuilding's 2017 Houses issue.

I conduct a fair amount of tools tests also. I shoot the photos for those in my own shop. This one ran in Fine Woodworking #277.

This is a research article I did for the 2019 Tool Guide, by The Taunton Press.

Design trends are another of my interests. This article on kitchen design was the result of dozens of interviews, and ran in Fine Homebuilding's 2016 Houses issue (#263).

Editing and shooting other authors

Based on my 15 years at Fine Woodworking, this is the type of job I know best: editing and shooting an article by an expert woodworker. I shot this one with Mike Farrington in Colorado, and it ran in FWW #274.

I edited and shot this article, written by an award-winning architect. Architectural shots are an awesome new challenge. This ran in Fine Homebuilding's 2019 Houses issue (#283).

I edited and shot this article by a local Portland woodworker, for the annual Tools & Shops issue of FWW. One of my shots of this gorgeous shop also landed on the cover, always a big honor.

I edited and shot this article by Steve Pink, a master carpenter in Portland, OR. It ran in FHB #283.

One of my regular gigs is editing Fine Woodworking's popular Workshop Tips column. I get to choose and rewrite every tip, leaning on my years of experience as a woodworker and a FWW editor.